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Before Surgery


Discover the new 24/7 online Web/AI/VR and NFT healthcare support systems with us to lower burnout & waiting time and increase profitability in hospitals & clinics


We’re Changing the Way Hospitals & Clinics

Experience Healthcare

Imagine eliminating workflow obstacles, supporting diversity & having an automated AI/VR and NFT support systems to expand your global outreach, for efficient, delightful, profitable client care.



We Deliver Transformations with our Products and Services Around the Clock

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Resolve Burnout

We support hospitals and clinics in establishing an online presence via technology to overcome their burnout challenges and achieve an empowering high-performance culture. 

From relaxation to adventures in VR, we rapidly supercharge professional careers and release the baggage holding you back from achieving work-life balance and fulfillment. 

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Reduce Waiting time

We support healthcare leaders in HR & operations to navigate & improve their treatment cycle speed and waiting time.

Our support systems enable bottleneck alerts and agile workload strategies for preventative, interventional, and rehabilitative case management toward better patient care.

Increase your Profitability

By improving healthcare accessibility, allowing flexible schedules, honoring first case discovery, and supporting professional development we help hospitals and clinics lower attrition rates and turnover to achieve growth and higher profitability.

Not only do we support surgeons with their surgical liability through our Keepectomy AI but we also support earning for patients and minorities with online payment, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and inventory management to enhance biomedical supply chains and allow earning for life. 



A different approach to equity, accesibility, and engagement.

Our platforms offer a unique approach toward diversity, equity, & inclusion (DEI) in healthcare to improve accessibility and education.

With our latest LEGENDS series of action heroes expressing symptoms and genomes in clinical pathology, we offer greater transparency and communication support to healthcare professionals and patients.