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What drives me is the desire to create and deliver a system that allows everyone to have 24/7 medical support from the first moment of onboarding a patient until their next visit to be easy, convenient, and efficient.”

Sara Asal, Founder and CEO


Redefining the Way 
We Heal

Sara Asal, CEO at Shawerna Web-Design, is a Computer Engineer with over 15 years of experience in research, data science, web design, teaching, project management, marketing management, and consultancy. Healthcare has been a great part of her life being born to a family of front-liners as well as having dealt with the loss of family members including her younger brother, grandmother, aunt, and uncle to health challenges. With her extensive background and experiences, she is inspired and devoted to creating a better, more efficient online support systems for  healthcare industry stakeholders.


With her Master of Science in Computer Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the American University of Sharjah (AUS), she has developed proficiency in data mining of brain Electroencephalography (EEG) and IoT technologies. Soon after she has received her Project Management Professional (PMP) certification with an Above Target evaluation. She also continues to dive into her career tracks of Business Analyst, Data Analyst, and Data Scientist.


Sara is now enjoying being a new mom on a quest for discovery with an avid interest in digital healthcare twinning, virtual education, system design, computer vision, and genomic analytics.

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Meet the Team

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Our Journey So Far

2021 {Q2}


Shawerna Web-Design (previously Shawerny Web-Design) is virtually founded in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Shawerna sets and achieves goals of supporting hospitals and clinics with online scheduling, improved AI process workflows, data analytics for patient satisfaction, and the career development of healthcare professionals with research.

Shawerna continues COVID-19 research with Emirates Health Services (EHS) doctors, previously the Ministry of Health (MOH).

2021 {Q3}


Shawerna extends its support to surgical liability and develops the Keeperectomy surgical AI prototype for Laparoscopic surgery and Robotic surgery.



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Here's what others have to say about our work.

Your service turned my life around! I just received recognition for having over 50% of outpatient encounters monthly and over a 95% adoption score on ICD-10 diagnosis, Mpages utilization, and medication reconciliation. Your AI support on the COVID-19 patient satisfaction research at our centers helped us pinpoint performance bottlenecks and to improve our services and workload.


Dr. Souad Amin

(Ministry of Health, Emirates Health Service, UAE)

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