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Immersive Presenter



Every month

Novel medical presentations with curated VR slides & perks.

Valid until canceled
3 day free trial

3 High-quality presentations

7 Research References

Branding Kit Compliance

2 Generated Audio AI

3 weblink redirections

A personal Avatar

One-time FREE training





When you subscribe to the Shawerna Immersive Presenter membership you get monthly access to your own Metaverse space: the easiest and most immersive presentation display on the internet.

With over 5 hundred metaverses created to date, Shawerna allows anyone, regardless of experience to get professional, realistic healthcare presentations with the help of our team in minutes! 

Shawerna's Immersive Presenter membership is a great way to engage your audience in a novel healthcare learning experience, increase collaboration and retention, and boost conversions and sales higher than ever before!

Just Some of the Awesome Stuff You Can Do With Shawerna

Business Presentation with Headset

Create 3 stunning HD presentations with your topic of choice in healthcare with 10 to 25 slides each month.

Choose your personal avatar from a large selection of male and female models of various ethnicities, builds, and attire.

Get a One-time FREE training on immersive presentation tools and learn how to engage with your audience and use link portals.

Use 3D anatomy models for the medical case studies you wish to present. Plus you'll also be able to use them for demonstration, PowerPoint, printing, and even video animations.

We care about your branding kit and support consistency in communicating your visual foundation across the presentation.

We also include medical research article references relevant to your content and we ensure their proper formatting and indexing.


We don’t use stock images or photos. All of the Shawerna models and images provided inside the Immersive Presenter membership have been custom designed by our professional graphic artist team. You won’t find higher quality medical models anywhere on the planet.

You’ll get custom characters with different poses each. Not only that, but you’ll also get different background scenes, medical props, and assets covering your healthcare topic and niche you can imagine or easily provide us with your own images and Shawerna will include them if you'd like.

Clapping Audience_edited.jpg
Conference presentation
  • How’s Shawerna's Immersive Presenter Membership different from any other presentation displays?
    Thanks to the 4K Ultra HD quality, your audience can not only see your presentations but they can experience and immersive environment at the highest quality. In fact, Shawerna uses the same content delivery platforms for Virtual Reality that Microsoft and Apple rely on. So you no longer have to worry about ads, annoying stops and starts, or off-putting buffering. Our display platforms are also not limited by high-priced gadgets so even the common PC user can get to see the novel approach you bring.
  • Does the Immersive Presenter Membership have a FREE trial?
    Users can opt-in for the free trial period on their account and get a limited number of presentation slides, a character demonstration and an avatar customization included. However, when you subscribe to the Immersive Presenter Membership, you get all the listed benefits within the month including brand kit compliance, research references, immersive presentation environment, and much more. And unlike the regular PowerPoint presentations, you get to set more slides as you go, as well as instant access to our members booking service for a training on how to present. All for just $79 a month.
  • Can I cancel my Immersive Presenter Membership account anytime?
    Yup! All of our plans are risk-free. And thanks to our money-back guarantee, you’ll get a full refund if you cancel within the first 3 days. If you still want to keep your Immersive Presenter Membership, but don’t really need the added benefits, you can always downgrade to our other plans, too.
  • Am I going to have to deal with third party ads with the Immersive Presenter Membership content?
    Nope! We made sure all paid plans on Shawerna keep your content clear of in-presentation and in-video ads. So you never have to worry about overlays, or pre-roll and post-rolls.
  • Is there an audience limit with the Immersive Presenter Membership?
    There are no audience limits with Shawerna's Immersive Presenter Membership! Engage with unlimited numbers of people from everywhere around the world with unlimited avatars, attire, video play, and walkthroughs.

Have more questions?

Get in touch with our incredibly friendly and helpful support staff, available around the clock on business days.

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