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Provider Journey Onboarding

Connect with our experts for the Provider Journey onboarding with NFTs

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Service Description

Welcome to the new money-earning possibilities in healthcare and mental wellness profitability! At Shawerna Web-Design, we’re looking for people, coaches, and healthcare providers to be a part of our new {{Healthcare Journey}} program that pays for the patient journey (including pets), minority representation, and Healthcare Provider service across the globe 🌍 🌏 🌎 In this One-to-One onboarding, we’ll be covering HOW… ✅ You can earn money by sharing your journey with the Shawerna Web-Design healthcare community. ✅ You can help other patients, mental wellness professionals, and healthcare providers by sharing your journey or second opinion! ✅ You can improve healthcare education and get first case discovery earning rights for life! ✅ You can represent minorities and earn money! ✅ You can increase your earnings for quality of service as a healthcare provider! ✅ You can advertise your services and get paid for them! ✅ You can get that money to your account! Not only are we looking to support your journey as it progresses but we help launch it from the start! 🚀 To get this started please follow these 3 steps: 1- Create a Wallet with MetaMask 2- purchase the NFT at 3- book this service to get onboarded If you are facing any issues please do not hesitate to book your free 30-minute consultation to help guide you through the process. We look forward to serving you soon!

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