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For Transforming

Mental HealthCare

with Precision and Insight

What is MentalBlox?

Designed for Mental Health Professionals

MentalBlox is a revolutionary platform crafted for mental health practitioners, coaches, and researchers, providing advanced tools to trace vicarious trauma, enhance well-being, and address mental health ICD-10 insurance requirements.

Professionally Crafted

MentalBlox Insights: Professionally Developed and Rigorously Tested

Our toolboxes are meticulously developed, rigorously tested, and fully documented to meet the highest standards of mental health care.

Interactive Insights

See Beyond Data: MentalBlox Apps for Real-Time Insights

Visualize and understand emotional patterns in real time with MentalBlox apps. Automatically generate coping strategies and interventions tailored to individual needs, while also addressing mental health insurance and ICD-10 coding requirements.

Scalable Solutions

Adapt to Your Needs: Scalable Analyses Across Platforms

Scale your analyses effortlessly. Run on clusters, GPUs, and clouds with minimal code changes. No need for extensive rewrites or learning big data programming.

Just Some of the Awesome Stuff You Can Do With MentalBlox


A Suite for Psychology Data Insights

Explore, model, and analyze emotional data.

Visual Analytics

Visualize and understand emotional patterns and choose from a range of colors allowing you to express your individuality, and establish your brand while maintaining a professional appearance & promoting DEI.

Block-based Programming

Create endless combinations of code and Craft scripts, functions, and interventions seamlessly and facilitate procedure tracking.


Multi-Therapy Integration

Integrate MentalBlox with various therapeutic approaches.

Parallel Insights

Perform large-scale emotional and mental analyses with strategies included.

Web, Desktop, and Cloud Deployment

Run MentalBlox in the cloud for collaborative analysis and share your insights no matter where you are!

Mental Health Insurance and ICD-10 Compliance

Ensure compliance with mental health insurance standards and ICD-10 coding requirements for streamlined insurance claims and reporting.

Take Your Approach Beyond Traditional Methods
with MentalBlox

Deploy to Clinical Applications

MentalBlox is designed for clinical readiness. Directly integrate with healthcare systems and data sources.


Embedded Health Insights

Automatically convert insights into actionable interventions for embedded processing in mental health applications.


Model-Based Wellness Design

MentalBlox seamlessly integrates with therapy models for multidomain simulation, intervention design, and test and verification of well-being strategies.


Use MentalBlox for:


Develop strategies for emotional regulation.

Emotional Regulation

Analyze stress patterns and implement management techniques.

Stress Management

Enhance patient care by understanding and addressing vicarious trauma.

Practitioner Well-being

Visualize therapy outcomes and tailor interventions.

Visual Therapy Intervention

Facilitate continuous professional development and educational progress.

Professional Growth

Facilitate continuous professional development and educational progress.

STEM Education


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